8 kW Klimaire Electric Heater for Air Handling Unit - Heat and Cool - Klimaire HK082C

For Use with 1.5 to 3 Ton Klimaire ARAM Series Air Handlers HK series electric heater kits (backup heat strip) are made for Klimaire brand air handlers and packaged air conditioners. HK heat kits have built-in over current protection, over heating protection, circuit breaker and nickel chromium heat elements. The smart electronic control board located in the air handling units controls the heater most efficiently based on your thermostat settings. Controlled by smart electronic board for more efficient and better temperature control Multiple stage circuit capability Completely assembled and tested Built-in over current protection Built-in over heating protection Built-in circuit breaker Smart electronic control system Plug-in wiring harness for easy installation into air handler Rust-resistant nickel chromium heat elements ETL Listed
Brand: Klimaire