Storeoborealis.com is a shopping site index featuring millions of products from multiple suppliers. You can compare prices from top vendors and find special offers and coupons.

Storeoborealis.com began back in 2004 with the integration of our EBay product line. The web site originally dealt with inhouse items and was designed on the .Net Platform and integrated with Pay Pal and Google Checkout.

We closed the EBay store in March 2013 however we still occasionally list items.

Storeoborealis at one stage also offered about 300,000 products at nearly wholesale prices from major reputable suppliers before converting to a comparison shopping model which offered buyer's millions of products hosted and indexed in house. Our web site was originally built using vb.net in the days before the cloud. We trimmed down our index in 2021 and rebuilt around .net core so we could try something new so we hope you enjoy it! Our goal is to provide a solid resource and a quality experience in an effort to build a loyal visitor base of online shoppers. We offer a searchable catalog that brings together a network of advertisers.

You can reach out on one of the major affiliate networks to find us and get you're products listed! We prefer items with valid UPC data points otherwise it may not get indexed. We also require an automated approach to accessing data either via FTP or api.

Earning your confidence as one of your preferred online shopping destinations is the goal so feel free to contact us if you should have any questions.

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